Project partner's commitment

Commitment of partners in the project

1. Conducting in the 2-years period (single phase of the project) a questionnaire survey according to a survey presented by the project managerial team, within the country, in a minimum amount ensuring the representativeness of the results.

2. Conducting at least 5 interviews with students of entrepreneurs in the 2-years period (single project phase) according to the interview plan presented by the project managerial team.

3. Writing and sending to the project manager a national research report.

4. Writing and sending to the project manager part of the international report.

5. Presentation of research results during an international conference done as the project's event (with e-session).

6. Participation with a minimum of 1 chapter in international monograph based on the results of quantitative research.

7. Writing and sending to the project manager 5 case studies from interviews with students entrepreneurs (to be published in collective monographs consist of case studies from all countries).

8. Informing the project managerial team of all scientific, didactic and popular publications in which the results of joint research have been used. Reporting on any other activities aimed at presenting the project and research.

9. Participation in international applications for funding for project research implementation.

10. All project partners involving in one phase will get unlimetd access to all gathered data from all countires in the phase.



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