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Project's SEAMIS key facts




SEAMIS project (Students Entreprenuership and Migration International Survey) in our plans is to be one of the largest activity in the world scope. The main focus of the project is stress on the student's entrepreneurial intentions, especially in the context of them potential migration intentions.


The SEAMIS project was originally developed by a team of researchers from the University of Szczecin in 2006 under the name SES 2006 (Students Entreprenuership Survey 2006). At the time, the study included students from 6 European countries. At present, research has also begun with different countries, including some from Asia, Africa, Oceania, Americas. We plan to extend our activities to other countries, so that each continent is covered.


Apart from conducting research an important element of our activities is a publication plan covering: national and international reports, joint monographic publications, joint publications in ISI journals, organizing international conferences, applying for joint research projects is.



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