Survey data collection

Project's SEAMIS data collection



Collection of data in the Seamis Project database will take place through quantitative and qualitative research.


Quantitative surveys are based on a survey that will be conducted in each country from which the organization originates in our network. A common statistical database will be created for this purpose, which will be accessible to all participants of the network.


Qualitative interviews of individual structured interviews will be conducted with students-entrepreneurs. The aim is to collect and describe good practices in setting up businesses by students.




Action plan - single phase of the project (24 months)


1. Collection of quantitative data (surveys) in the project.


2. Conducting qualitative research (interviews).


3. Analysis of the collected test material.


4. Preparation of national reports (national teams).


5. Preparation of international report (international team).


6. Preparation and publication of monographs and research texts.




Phase 1: 2017-2019


Phase 2: 2020-2022




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  • Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych i Zarządzania
  • Katedra Mikroekonomii
  • ul. Mickiewicza 64
  • 71-101 Szczecin
  • Sekretariat - pokój 432