Lecture "Competition and Monopolisation"

This page consist of didactic resources referred to lecture Competition and Monopolisation

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Lecture topics and tasks

1. Competiton, competetiveness and monopolisation

2. Competition form biology point of view

Lecture 2. Competition and monopolisation from different points of view

Lecture 3 - Market structures and efficiency

Lecture 4 - Market power measurment 



Exercise 1 - material requested to lecture 1

Exercise 2 - material requested to lecture 2

Exercise 2 Conservation, Integration, and Pricing in the Oil Industry of the United States

Exercise 2 The Rise and Progress

Exercise 3 Market structure

Exercise 3a SCP Paradigm


Examination rules


Instead of missed lecture on 03.01.2017 please watch the movie "The corporation" derected by by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott 


and answer the questions: 

Do you agree that corporations nowadays plaing a vital role in every economies?

Do you believe corporations perform well in the realizations of the society objectives?

What is more valuable for corporations: own profits (for example for for stakeholders) or consumer satisfaction?



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