Here is the list of references to the subject and lectures


The books:

1. Globalization. A Short History of the Modern World. William R. Nester

2. Globalization. A Threat to International Cooperation and Peace? Second edition, M. Panic ́ 

3. Globalization and Regional Economic Modeling 



Lecture 7. The World According to Monsanto


1. What is Monsanto?

2. How the company become global?

3. Are all decisions of the company are ethics?

4. What activity of the Monsanto can be treat as unfair?

5. What is your opinion about Monsanto performance?

6. Do you know another examples of global activities that can be assess as unfair/not ethcs?


 Case studies to lecture MNC role in economy

1.  Exxon-Mobil 

2. Boeing vs. Airbus







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