List of work packages

Project consist of 5 Work Packages

1. Concepts and present situation

2. Methodological elaboration

3. Fieldwork: Data analysis, hypothesis testing and refinement of the theoretical framework

4. Dissemination

5. Project Management


The aims of WP (Work package) 1 are:
• Mobility of scientists.
• Transfer of knowledge concerning company restructuring.
• Transfer of knowledge concerning the ‘greening’ of companies.
• Transfer of knowledge concerning the social consequences that follow from
company’s restructuring.
Transfer of knowledge will be possible by exchange of the scientists. Visits will admit possibilities and opportunities to exchange knowledge and to pass on experience connected with inquiries as part of the PRORES. The visitors will present their scientific output and achievements during seminars. These meetings will be attended not only by scientists engaged in the project but students also stakeholders.


The results of WP 2 are:
• Creation and transfer of knowledge on research instrument and methods from
sociology, ecology and economics.
• Definition of methodology of research.
• Creation research guidelines.
• Mobility of scientists.


The aims of WP 3 are:
• Transfer of knowledge concerning training in interview techniques/observation of the fellows who will be involved in the qualitative data collection.
• Transfer of knowledge concerning in-depth analysis of the survey data.
• Transfer of knowledge concerning comparisons between countries on various aspects of the theoretical framework.
• Transfer of knowledge concerning the enhancement in understanding of the effect that sustainable restructuring has on creating jobs, and on the way in which macro, meso and micro factors influence this process.
• Mobility of scientists.


The aim of WP 4 is:
• Formulation of policy recommendations.
• Transfer strategy, including dialogue with stakeholders.
• Mobility of scientists.
• Policy oriented transfer of knowledge.
• Scientific transfer of knowledge.
• Civil society transfer of knowledge.


The aim of WP 5 is coordination of project activities:
• Fellowships.
• Construction and update of the project website.
• Creation of intranet for consortium partners.
• Setting the guidelines for the ‘Series of Project Papers’ (WP) that will be produced during the life of the project and that will form the basis for publications in international journals.
• Monitoring project progress, timing, milestones, and deliverables.
• Organization of seminars, workshops, and conference.



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