PRORES project

Pro-ecological restructuring for job
Acronym: PRORES


Proposal Number: 269251
Scientific Panel: SOCIO-ECONOMICS
Grant Agreement Number: PIRSES-GA-2010-269251
Duration of the project: 48 months


The objective of PRORES project is transfer of knowledge in the field of restructuring from three perspectives: economic, ecological and social development.

Project realization is closely connected with fulfilling basic assumptions of EU Strategy 2020: obtaining the most competitive and most innovative economic position in the world by the European economy by the year 2020. The aim of the project development is directly related to improving competitiveness of the whole European economy.
Research and literature on organisational restructuring processes is from economic or human resource management perspective. The perspective that is absent is ecological one. There is no research on pro-ecological restructuring, so no knowledge could be transferred so far. Context that will be investigated in PRORES project is urgent and significant because of an impact that restructuring processes have on the environment. The contribution to the economy and to wider environmental policies and job creation and adaptation processes that pro-ecological restructuring makes is overwhelmingly important. The knowledge that will be transferred thanks to the PRORES project will be from all three perspectives, not only from economic and social but ecological as well.



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